Jake’s Storytime Part 1

This was written completely over iChat to a co-worker named Jake on the day the office was being treated to an afternoon at a bowling alley as a goodbye party to a longtime employee.

Once upon a time around mid-April there was a guy named Jake who was pumped about bowling.

How he did enjoy the game of bowling, the smell of the alley, the feel of the shoes, the the shine of balls.

The energy that would flow through his veins just pulling into the parking lot was enough to light his whole neighborhood for a week!

Once it was his turn to bowl, he would pick up his ball, wipe it down with his lucky towel made for him by his mother on which she embroidered “Mr. Jakeykins I’m-Cool II”.

After this he would let his fingers feel the gentle caress of the fan like breath from fairies. With his mind focused, he would stand three boards to the left, step, step, arm back, step, forward, and release.

Silence would follow until naturally all the pins had fallen – another perfect strike. But that’s not the only reason Jake liked bowling…

Sally. Sally worked at the bowling alley to help out her uncle. Sally was a beauty, Aphrodite on earth. Sally could have any man she wanted.

Sally was a challenge. A challenge for Jake as he didn’t understand why she turned him down each time he asked her out.

He didn’t understand why a guy like him couldn’t get Sally. The fact that he asked her out was a compliment. He wanted only the best. Demanded it. And Sally was the best.

Every other girl he had asked out had been thrilled to even be chosen by him – Jake “I’m-Cool” Smythe. He would take them here to the bowling alley where he would score perfect 300s every game. And where he could watch Sally to try and figure out what her problem was. And as he enters the bowling alley today, he knows today will be the day. Today he will make Sally see sense!

to be continued…

© Lindsay M. Hinkle 2007


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