Music To Turn 22 By: Catch 22

When I turned 22 I wrote a cover letter to a radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was living at the time, seeking an internship. In my letter I framed my wanting to intern with them by the Catch 22 conundrum of being at the age where one wants to get experience but can’t get hired anywhere because he or she doesn’t have said experience. It got me the interview. However, I was so open to getting experience – any experience, my lack of focus caused me to lose out on that opportunity. C’est la vie.

In putting together this birthday compilation I again was still of the mindset that I needed to fill the CD up. A number of these songs I did not feel good about then, and still don’t like them now. And most of the ones I wasn’t sure about were suggestions from my BFF (sorry, Lisa) and were more her taste in music than mine. I’d say 10 of the tracks (1-4, 6, 7, 10-12, and 17) are me.

Brown Sugar (Fine)  ♦  Mos Def

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)  ♦  Stevie Wonder

Love At First Sight  ♦  Kylie Minogue

Fight Test  ♦  The Flaming Lips

Life On A Chain  ♦  Pete Yorn

Harder To Breathe  ♦  Maroon 5

The Questions  ♦  Common

P.S. You Rock My World  ♦  The Eels

Sittin’ Back  ♦  Res

Get Over It  ♦  OK Go

AM to PM  ♦  Christina Milian

Freaks Come Out  ♦  Whodini

Change Your Mind  ♦  Sister Hazel

Wildflower  ♦  Tom Petty

Polyester Bride  ♦  Liz Phair

Milk and Cereal  ♦  G Love and Special Sauce

Escapade  ♦  Janet Jackson

One Moment In Time  ♦  Whitney Houston


LCD Series – Color

Last night half of the CD club showed up for our second exchange since inception. The theme for this CD was “Color/Colors.” Originally, I was going to go the rainbow route, but then a snarky comment made by a fellow club member inspired my ultimate choice of focusing on one color: Green. It is my favorite color and, one way or another, all of these songs lead me to green. Some are very direct connections that are obvious from the title, artist, or subject matter, while others are more emotive or convoluted in linkage. 

Fairytale of New York  ♦  The Pogues

Particle Man  ♦  They Might Be Giants

Say You’ll Be There  ♦  The Spice Girls

Little Weapon  ♦  Lupe Fiasco ft. Bishop G & Nikki Jean

Pretty Green  ♦  The Jam

Juke Box Hero  ♦  Foreigner

Frontin’  ♦  Jamie Cullum

She’s Got You  ♦  Patsy Cline

I Hope Something Better Comes Along   ♦   Kermit and Rolf

Suerte  ♦  Shakira

Tropicalia  ♦  Beck

Pass the Mic (Green Mix)  ♦  The Beastie Boys

Sprite Advertisement  ♦  Kriss Kross

Bennie and the Jets  ♦  Elton John

Romeo and Juliet  ♦  Dire Straits

Slow It Down  ♦  The Lumineers

Kodachrome  ♦  Paul Simon

Brand New Key  ♦  Melanie

Get Over It  ♦  OK Go

Music To Turn 21 By: I’ve Heard It’s Fun To Be 21

**Since publication, I have found my original track listing and the singer of Wasting Time, or Sit Doin’ Nothin’ as I found it labeled, is Mo Mason. Googled her and found nothing so still a bit of a quagmire.

Here is the second installment of my Music To Turn _ By. This was the year following my college study abroad experiences. There are a handful of songs that were popular when I was overseas, despite being mostly American groups. You may also detect the yearning to spread my wings, as I now considered myself a proper adult, but apparently struggling to figure it all out. And I including one of my favorite song of all time, if not the favorite, Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding.

Cabaret  ♦  Liza Minnelli

Young, Fresh ‘N New  ♦  Kelis

Don’t Stop  ♦  Mariah Carey ft. Mystikal

Love Song for No One  ♦  John Mayer

Wasting Time  ♦  Unknown –>I have Shazamed, YouTubed, Googled the chorus of this song and I have come up empty. I don’t even know the actual title.  It came off of some movie soundtrack (I think). It’s RnB and sung by a woman. In the event that one of you out there might know, here is the chorus:  If you sit doing nothing, nothing comes to you. Repeated over and over sung by the backup singers. I don’t even like the song but the mystery is driving me nuts.

Crawling  ♦  Linkin Park

The Dolphin’s Cry  ♦  Live

Wide Open Spaces  ♦  Dixie Chicks

Do Your Thing  ♦  Basement Jaxx

Lapdance  ♦  N.E.R.D. ft. Lee Harvey

Family Affair  ♦  Mary J. Blige

Try A Little Tenderness  ♦  Otis Redding

Part Of Your World  ♦  Ariel (The Little Mermaid Soundtrack)

Just A Girl  ♦  No Doubt

Paid My Dues  ♦  Anastasia

Booti Call  ♦   Blackstreet

Dance Tonight  ♦  Lucy Pearl

Fool of Me  ♦  Me’Shell Ndegéocello

Queen of My Heart  ♦  Westlife

Jake’s Storytime Part 2

Previously on Jake’s Storytime: Jake “I”m Cool” Smythe established himself as an egotistical guy who loves to bowl. We last left him having made the decision that today was the day he would make his crush, Sally, see sense and fall for him.

Jake’s wind was knocked out of sails when he didn’t see Sally behind the counter. How would he make her like him? Everyone else does, why doesn’t she?

Jake sat down at his usual lane – #1 – and began to put on his bowling shoes. As he was slipping into the second shoe he happened to glance up and saw a strike being bowled about 6 lanes over. Jake forgot all about Sally when thoughts of finding a true competitor flooded his brain.

He got up to find out who this fella was that rolled a perfect hook. He wanted to see if the guy was interested in a little friendly throw down. If Jake was truly the best in town, he wanted to prove it.

When Jake arrived at the lane he was surprised to find Sally standing there. Who was she here with? Why wasn’t she working? Was this a date? Where did that guy go? Does she think he is a better bowler than me and that’s why she won’t go out with me?

Jake had never before seen such fury in another person’s eyes when he was finished asking his reasonable and logical questions. Must be typical female hysteria.

But his mouth couldn’t stop from dropping open when she said that it was her that was bowling in this lane and her alone.

A girl threw that hook?! Challenging another guy to a game was one thing; he had never had to challenge a girl. But he knew that was his only option. To be the best you had to beat the best.

Fury in her eyes was replaced by something else, something he couldn’t quite name when he suggested a competition. Whatever it was, she agreed with a handshake.

For every strike Jake threw, Sally would spare and for his every spare, Sally would strike. It came down to the final frame. If Jake turkeyed, he’d win.

He got his first two strikes. He needed just one more. He rubbed down his ball with his towel, let his fingers feel the gentle caress of the fan. With his mind focused, he stood three boards to the left, step, step, arm back, step, forward and release.

It felt like an eternity as the ball rolled down the alley…

finally hooking….

one pin, two, three four five, six, seven eight, nine….

the ten pin was left wobbling wavering back and forth…

and then…

it fell.

Jake had won.

And when he turned to look at Sally she was smiling

It was respect he had seen in her eyes. That he, with that huge chip on his shoulder, would deign to see her as an equal and not some girl he could win over with his charm.

to be continued…

© Lindsay M. Hinkle 2007

Get Up and Dance Part II

As sequels and follow ups tend to go Get Up and Dance Part II is not as filled out as Part I. I think I assumed everyone would be drunk or at least buzzed by the time the middle of this album played. C’est la vie. The songs are great though. 

Rump Shaker ♦ Wreckx’n’Effect

California Love ♦ 2Pac

Whoomp! (There It Is) ♦ Tag Team

Gin and Juice ♦ Snoop Dogg

Baby Got Back ♦ Sir Mix-A-Lot

Me So Horny ♦ 2 Live Crew

Freak Like Me ♦ Adina Howard

She’s Got Skillz ♦ All-4-One

Poison ♦ Bell Biv Devoe

Motownphilly ♦ Boyz II Men

Knockin’ Boots ♦ Candyman

Fantastic Voyage ♦ Coolio

Oooh ♦ De La Soul

Jumpin’ Jumpin’ ♦ Destiny’s Child

Party Up (Up In Here) ♦ DMX

Still D.R.E. ♦ Dr. Dre

Gimme Some More ♦ Busta Rhymes

Get Up and Dance Part I

Freshman year of college was the year of grinding. It was the year I learned how to do it properly, and, more importantly, to not attach anything more than enjoyment of the moment to it (much unlike the world of high school where everything seemed to mean something – and if it didn’t, you would just die). This playlist, along with it’s partner Part II, was made from the songs that taught me to let go and have fun, allowing my childhood love of dance to resurface.

Got Your Money  ♦  ODB ft. Kelis

Hoochie Mama  ♦  2 Live Crew

Just a Friend  ♦  Biz Markie

Rosa Parks  ♦  Outkast

The Humpty Dance  ♦  Digital Underground

Let Me Clear My Throat  ♦  DJ Kool

No Diggity  ♦  Blackstreet

Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang  ♦  Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg

Pony  ♦  Ginuwine

It Was a Good Day  ♦  Ice Cube

Back That Azz Up  ♦  Juvenile

Can I Get A…  ♦  Jay-Z

Doing It Well  ♦  LL Cool J

Touch It  ♦  Monifah

Hypnotize  ♦  The Notorius B.I.G.

Busta Move  ♦  Young MC

Jake’s Storytime Part 1

This was written completely over iChat to a co-worker named Jake on the day the office was being treated to an afternoon at a bowling alley as a goodbye party to a longtime employee.

Once upon a time around mid-April there was a guy named Jake who was pumped about bowling.

How he did enjoy the game of bowling, the smell of the alley, the feel of the shoes, the the shine of balls.

The energy that would flow through his veins just pulling into the parking lot was enough to light his whole neighborhood for a week!

Once it was his turn to bowl, he would pick up his ball, wipe it down with his lucky towel made for him by his mother on which she embroidered “Mr. Jakeykins I’m-Cool II”.

After this he would let his fingers feel the gentle caress of the fan like breath from fairies. With his mind focused, he would stand three boards to the left, step, step, arm back, step, forward, and release.

Silence would follow until naturally all the pins had fallen – another perfect strike. But that’s not the only reason Jake liked bowling…

Sally. Sally worked at the bowling alley to help out her uncle. Sally was a beauty, Aphrodite on earth. Sally could have any man she wanted.

Sally was a challenge. A challenge for Jake as he didn’t understand why she turned him down each time he asked her out.

He didn’t understand why a guy like him couldn’t get Sally. The fact that he asked her out was a compliment. He wanted only the best. Demanded it. And Sally was the best.

Every other girl he had asked out had been thrilled to even be chosen by him – Jake “I’m-Cool” Smythe. He would take them here to the bowling alley where he would score perfect 300s every game. And where he could watch Sally to try and figure out what her problem was. And as he enters the bowling alley today, he knows today will be the day. Today he will make Sally see sense!

to be continued…

© Lindsay M. Hinkle 2007

The Pods

_bonjour pod listThis is a screenshot of my bonjour availability/mood line resulting from a project at work where a co-worker and I were each in charge of one of the two teams that were assigned to the task. I believe our supervisor came up with the word Pod for each team and my co-worker and I, though thinking it was rather dismissive, ran with it. Each day we came up with a new name for our respective Pods. As the list shows I went the hip hop route. I, unfortunately, to not recall what theme my co-worker went with. A fun way to pass the time. Sorry it is so tiny.

Music To Turn 20 By: TwentySomething

Years ago my friend Nicole was driving us around one day during the two weeks or so between her birthday and mine. On the car stereo was a mixtape she had made to commemorate entering her twenties. I stole her idea and made one for my twentieth too thus beginning twelve years (so far) of making a cassette or CD to mark the passing of years. For my twenties, the series was dubbed “Music to turn _ by:_” with the appropriate number and title filled in (once I hit my thirties I thought I’d class it up and just go with a title). The song selection is usually based upon a mix of how I’m feeling at the time of production, how I felt about the prior year, and how I envision the upcoming year to be. First up is Music To Turn 20 By: TwentySomething.

Side A:

Bawitdaba ♦ Kid Rock

Under the Bridge ♦ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rhythm Nation ♦ Janet Jackson

Roll With It ♦ Oasis

I Have Confidence ♦ Julie Andrews

Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World ♦ U2

#41 ♦ Dave Matthews Band

MMMBop ♦ Hanson

Fame ♦ Irena Cara

We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter ♦ The Brady Bunch

Side B:

Roam ♦ The B-52’s

Send Me On My Way ♦ Rusted Root

The Circle Game ♦ Joni Mitchell

Don’t Stop Believin’ ♦ Journey

You Got Me ♦ The Roots ft. Jill Scott

Let Me Clear My Throat ♦ DJ Kool

Young at Heart ♦ Frank Sinatra

Dream On ♦ Aerosmith

Smells Like Teen Spirit ♦ Nirvana

Learning to Fly ♦ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Freshman Year Emcee

A smidgen blurry but that's me performing this.

A smidgen blurry but that’s me performing this.

My floor freshman year of college was a pretty dope house.  A large percentage of us got along, we planned some all-dorm gatherings, and we weren’t afraid to participate in University-planned dorm events either. For the dorm talent show, a fellow “east coaster” and I decided to write a rap to perform. I went to school in Wisconsin where the mention of someone being from New York (myself) or New Jersey (my co-emcee) would immediately meet stereotyping. It didn’t matter that I was from a small town and the Garden Stater from near Philly. Well I was tired of this so I incorporated my feelings into my verses of the rap along with some inside jokes from our floor.

I’m the L to the I to the N to the D to the S-A-Y/And I’ll tell you what’s down. I’ll tell ya what’s fly/Don’t worry boys. I ain’t shy. I get by/cuz I hail from New York/Upstate that is/not to be confused with that fucking NYC biz.

“Where you from?”/New York I’d say/’ssuming I drank Evian every day/But you know me/you can see/it ain’t true/I wear blue/not black fuck-me pants/I don’t call daddy at the first sign of ants/I proved you wrong/and if not, then by the end of this song/Where my girlz at?/hell no, not in the back/Yeah right up front. Paige and Sar-ah/shakin their asses like they don’t car-ah/On the dance floor they’ll sex you up/Hey, where’s Johrick?/Now tell me “sup?”

My home’s/The BLC/Livin’ on Elsom, the third story/Our house/always representin’/everywhere we go/you don’t even know/you have no idea/hey there at Frank’s I’ll see ya/

Sarah/ this is just for you/I to jog in the smog down by the bogg

This. This is the BLC/This. This is the BLC/This. This is the BLC

© copyright Lindsay M. Hinkle 2000